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Few users have asked some important questions that we had like to made available for new and existing users that might have same cases.
How does this really work?
  • We have platforms of dedicated users majorly in USA, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and then minor from 61 other countries.
  • We have various platforms and keywords tools to direct search engine searches to your provided keywords
  • We also have premium and parked domain with good integrity in our data centers, which, we redirect to our platform then to our users' site for proper analytics.
Are they bots?
  • We will never sell bots or spam.
If I order, when should I expect delivery?
  • Orders are manually review and promoted, max wait time is 12hours
I order 11am for 1day, when will it end?
  • Every day is a personalised 24hours. If your order started 11.34am, 1day will end 11.33am the following day
I want a custom order that's not listed
  • Simply open a support ticket, one of our agent will get back to you as soon as possible.
Can't find your answer? kindly use the support ticket or the live-chat


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