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Hi there,

Security is of great concern to us at VastGIG, as it should be to you. Therefore we implore you to make sure your account is not compromised.

The most commonly used method of hacking websites is by exploiting vulnerabilities in their code.

  1. To prevent security compromise, you will have to:
    Scan your website for vulnerabilities using the following;
  2. Check for updates and security patches of all the scripts/addons/extensions used within the account with their official vendor sites Regularly.
  3. Remove any addons lacking security updates.
  4. Make sure no installation files are left within the public_html folder or its subfolders.
  5. Ensure that all files and folders have correct permissions;
    -Files 644
    -Folders 755
  6. Scan the computer used to access the account for trojans and keyloggers.
  7. Update your cpanel password often or use 2FA in the cpanel and in our ClientArea.
  8. Always use strong passwords which are note dictionary words, made up of mixed letter cases and symbols.

I hope you have a seamless experience running your websites with us.

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